eLearning Solutions

eLearning Solutions

LMS Deployment

Get top of the breed Learning Mnanagement System at a fraction of a cost.

We will help you source and deploy the suitable eLarning platform to mange your digital learning programs.

We also have a highly customized, ready to deploy LMS based on Moodle Learning Management System.


Develop, deliver and track your learning programs with a feature-rich, scalable learning management system. RemoteLearn is an open-source LMS which is highly customized and integrated with all the necessary tools to help you create an ideal  eLearning environment.

eLearning Content Development

From needs assessment to content planning and development, our team of experts will work closely with you in developing eLearning courses perfectly tailored to motivate powerful learning experiences.

Using the latest industry standards and tools, our eLearning developers and instructional designers will help you create instructionally sound, relevant and engaging eLearning courses for an outstanding eLearning experience.

LMS Administration

Maximize on your revenue, efficiency & learning effectiveness by outsourcing your LMS management and administration.

Some of the tasks we will undertake include system configuration, technical ad learner support, development/management of learning paths, course loading, learner assignment, reporting and scheduled sytstem maitenance.

We have comprehensive solutions and expertise to ensure success of your LMS selection and implementation. We are committed to providing you with the LMS expertise and strategy to meet your organization’s needs, help achieve your learning goals, and enable learners to experience a personalized eLearning experience.

eLearning Training

Our Capacity building programs focuses on:

  • Train-the-Trainer. Equip your instructors with crucial skill for managing self-paced learning and facilitating live training sessions.
  • Management and administration of Moodle LMS.
  • Designing engaging elearning content that connects with a diverse set of participants.
  • Intstructional design.

Get in touch with us today to begin upskilling your team and building eLearning programs that are tailored to your organization’s goals.